Certainty in innovation

Are you getting the most out of your intellectual property? Do your contracts get the best deal for your company’s hard-won innovation? And are you taking maximum advantage of the various government research programmes? Let Bracquené put you on the right track.

In need of a model contract?

For start-ups and spin-offs

IP policy

Do you have a strategy in place to optimally protect your IP and add maximum value to your company? Employees come and go. Are you sure your company’s hard fought innovation won’t leave with them?


Contracts serve a dual purpose. They of course help you protect your company in its business dealings. But a good contract also creates a positive framework for both parties to do – and profit from – what they do best.

Government programmes

A major driver of innovation is government programmes at regional, national and international level. Bracquené can help you make the right choices when considering and implementing government sponsored contracts.