National & regional programmes

In addition to European projects such as FP7 and ESA, local and regional programmes can also be a source of funding for innovation and research & development.

These programmes can be complicated, with funding provided directly by major institutes such as the Flemish Agency for Innovation and Enterprises/ VLAIO, but this same agency can also channel funds through a myriad of other instances. And the structure and possibilities here can change yearly.

Also relevant at the local and regional level is the EUREKA network, a pan-European R&D funding and coordinating organisation. EUREKA creates clusters of long-term industrial initiatives that include a mix of large companies, SMEs, research institutes and universities. These clusters are closely linked to national funding authorities such as the VLAIO.

In all of these cases, understanding your options and having the right contract is indispensable to getting the most out of your innovation and IP. Bracquené has the national and international expertise in house to get the best deal for you and your company.