The European Space Agency is responsible for a significant level of funding for space research and applications, and your company may be eligible to participate. Its latest multi-year spending programme is budgeted at 10 billion euro.

Access to these funds, however, requires strict adherence to the tendering and implementation criteria, and this compliance is strictly monitored.

Bracquené is the expert in ESA-related contracts, with clientele that includes some of the largest technology players in the world. ESA contracts are open to negotiation, and the expertise of Bracquené can be invaluable in getting the best deal for your company.

ESA contracts are complicated and subject to strict requirements: there are standard elements that must be included, but other contract elements are open to negotiation. And ESA has developed specific minimum best practices in the awarding of tenders that include full transparency – including the right to audit the procurement process – and an obligation to cooperate with the Agency's Industrial Ombudsman should the latter be asked to intervene.

The bottom line: ESA is a major source of funding for the space industry, but access to these funds requires strict adherence to guidelines and best practices. In addition, getting the best deal for your company requires thoroughgoing knowledge of the ESA programmes and procedures. Bracquené – the ESA expert – can be invaluable in getting the best deal for your company and ensuring that all the compliance requirements are known and met.