IP exploitation

Once your IP is protected, how best to put it to work for you? Should you develop products yourself, contribute your IPR to a spin-off, or choose to work with third parties? And if you opt for the latter, what type of partner is best for your needs?

Getting the most out of your IP

  • Will you sell your IP outright or license it? If you license it, will you give the partner exclusive rights, or should you opt for multiple partners to cover multiple geographic zones?
  • What should you commercially exploit: manpower, technical know-how, commercial know-how, logistics, after-sales service...

Getting the most out of your IP is a complicated matter with many questions along the way. Let Bracquené help you find the right answers that meet the needs of you and your company.

The list is endless. Let Bracquené – the legal and innovation expert – put you on the right track.