IP protection strategy

Innovation and the resulting intellectual property can be a very important part of your company’s assets, especially in the fast-paced world of high-tech. Like any asset, your IP needs to be inventoried and the appropriate safeguards put in place. Potential investors or clients want access to your results. Employees come and go. Are you sure your company’s hard fought innovation won’t leave with them? Bracquené – with years of IP experience, and expertise in both the financial and legal worlds – can help you inventory, safeguard and protect your IP.

IP inventory

Are you aware of the IP within your company and its full potential? Bracquené can assist you in inventorying the IP you have in house, and help you draw up procedures to properly communicate your IP, so that nothing is lost and your company can optimally profit from this innovation.

Internal safeguards

Innovation is seldom a one-man show. It involves design teams, development teams, marketing teams ... in short, many people within and outside your company have access to its innovations and intellectual property. Are these people aware of the need for confidentiality? You no doubt have procedures in place to safeguard the fixed and tangible assets in your company, but your IP is equally as important. Bracquené can help you put procedures in place to keep this valuable knowledge confidential.

Legal protection

And perhaps most importantly, can your company’s IP be legally protected? What forms of protection are available to you? Is it protected by copyright? Can it be patented? Can your valuable designs be protected? All forms of protection come at a cost. Hence, the benefits to your company must outweigh these costs, and making the decision whether and how to pursue IP protection is a complex issue. Bracquené has both the legal and financial know-how in house to help you make the right decisions.